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Raksha Nepal Organized District Project Advisory Committee Meeting

Raksha Nepal Organized District Project Advisory Committee Meeting

Raksha Nepal has been rehabilitating and reintegrating women, girls and children who have fallen prey of rape, sexual violence, sexual exploitation and forced prostitution through different programs such as: enhancing their knowledge and skills, income generating trainings, awareness program and through other different supports for example: temporary shelter, legal and psycho-social counseling and health check up. Similarly, Raksha Nepal is also running projects for the empowerment of sexual violence affected women, girls and children.


The organization which has been combating all forms of sexual violence through different programs and has been coordinating with different government authorities such as District Administration Office, District Development Committee, Social Welfare Council, Nepal Police and other related authorities. Likewise, the Raksha Nepal has also been providing valuable support in regards to women empowerment through different programs.


On 29 April 2016, Raksha Nepal Organized a District Project Advisory Committee Meeting (DPAC) at District Development Committee Office Kathmandu in order to disseminate the activities and get feedback from the authorities in regards to the current activities of Raksha Nepal. The meeting was chaired by the Local Development Officer of Kathmandu. Similarly, the head of District Level Government Offices participated in the meeting.


In the meeting, Chairperson of Raksha Nepal briefly explained all the activities and achievement of Raksha Nepal. The participants applauded the activities of Raksha Nepal and also encouraged for the continuity of such good activities. Finally, Raksha Nepal always want to thank the government officials for their precious time and also want to move forward to end all forms of sexual violence against women, girls and children through the feedback and inputs from such meetings.


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