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Thamel’s Underside

In the surrounding streets of Kathmandu, one can find hundreds of dance, cabin and dohoree git restaurants and bars.  Most of these also cover for other services.  Most of the women working in all of these establishments are girls from rural areas who came to Kathmandu seeking work or education.  What they found, with no skills, was people who are only too ready to exploit them.  Once they have been used, these girls cannot go home.  So they need skills to earn a wage, and to care for their children, often a by-product of their jobs.  They sometimes need care for HIV-related illnesses.

Raksha Nepal does its best to protect all of these women and girls, with programs on prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS and other STIs to skill-training programs so that they can earn a decent wage.  Our ultimate goal is to change the laws and social norms so that these girls are not exploited.

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